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Recent Work

Project Bugs

Sapsan (Siemens Velaro RUS)

3D work carried out for a book called 'Project Bugs' for theĀ publisher Miles Kelly. All 3d generated

Pond Life

In the scene are- Diving beetles, Water boatmen, Dragonfly, Nymphs, Mosquito larvae, Giant water bug and a Caddisfly larvae.

Detail 1: Pantograph

Pond Life close up

Diving beetles, Water boatmen and a Caddisfly larvae.

Bogie & Axle Bearings

Mason bee

Solitary bees make their homes in such places as bamboo shoots.

Detail 3: Carriage Layout

Honey Bees

Bees making hexagon-shaped cells in a hive.

Detail 3: Carriage Layout